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I was referred to Andy by a professional contact who held her in high regard and after my case, I would refer her to anyone in a heartbeat. Throughout my case, Andy was always available (even replying to emails at three in the morning) and was always willing to dedicate her time to help me with any problems I encountered. She was very helpful to me throughout the trial process, making sure I was in the loop any time there was a change in my case. She always checked in with me before any court dates to make sure I was prepared. During our time in court she demonstrated her comprehensive knowledge of the law and always made sure I knew what was going on. At trial, she was professional and respectful to the judge and was able to cite cases whenever necessary and applicable. We ended up getting a result at our trial that was favorable as a result of her extensive knowledge and savvy. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs an experienced attorney who will make sure you are well prepared for anything in your case.

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The attorneys of Robertson Law have a proven track record of creative and effective advocacy for clients throughout the state of Washington.

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Andy Robertson has a proven track record of creative and effective advocacy for clients facing criminal charges throughout the state of Washington. Ryan Robertson's practice focuses exclusively on high-quality creative appellate representation in criminal and administrative matters, as well as expungements, vacation of records, and petitions to seal.