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Attorney General Concedes DOL Hearing Officer Erroneously Revoked Driver’s License.

Posted by Andrea Robertson on Jul 05, 2013 | 0 Comments

​Recently the Washington Attorney General's Office conceded on appeal that a Washington DOL Hearing Officer erroneously revoked our client's driver's license following a DUI arrest. The client's arrest was audio and video recorded. On the recording the officer clearly gave incorrect and misleading information regarding what would happen to the client's license if the breath test was refused. Andy represented the client before the DOL and submitted the recording as proof the client was misled into refusing a breath test. The hearing officer nonetheless revoked the client's license.

​The client appealed the decision. On appeal, Ryan filed a brief establishing that prior appellate decisions supported Andy's argument before the DOL. The Washington Attorney General's Office, which defends the DOL on licensingappeals, reviewed the brief and agreed the DOL wrongfully revoked the client's license. The license revocation has been reversed, and the client's license has since been restored.

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