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Facing a DUI charge in Washington has never been easy.  The laws in this state are among the harshest in the nation.  But recent highly publicized tragedies have enhanced the stress and public scrutiny of a DUI allegation.  It is now even more critical to have a highly trained advocate by your side, as the laws increase in complexity and intensity.  Mandatory jail time, loss of license, future criminal history prospects and more issues are all important to discuss and address with a trained DUI defense attorney.

Pulled Over for DUI (Driving under the Influence)

If you are taken into custody for suspicion of a crime, you have the right to demand access to an attorney prior to being questioned. If you are suspected of DUI or a related charge, and you are given the option of taking or refusing a breath or blood test, you must be provided access to an attorney upon your request to advise you about this decision. You are not guaranteed access to an attorney of your choice at that time, and you are not guaranteed access to an attorney in person before taking any test. If you do not have an attorney or cannot reach the attorney of your choice at the time of your request, you should ask for a private connection with an “on call” public defender, an attorney provided at no cost to you for a confidential telephone conversation about your situation and options. This conversation does not mean that the attorney is now your defense attorney for the duration of the case. But it is still a “protected” lawyer-client conversation, and the content of that conversation cannot be revealed to others without your express consent.

It is generally our advice to clients stopped for a DUI to respectfully refuse field sobriety tests, and indicate that you are doing so at the advice of a lawyer. These are voluntary tests, though many people feel pressured to submit to them when asked by an armed police officer – and with good reason! The tests are daunting physical challenges, and are used to “build a case” against you. They very rarely are helpful to your case. They are difficult even in the calmest and most peaceful settings, and are much more difficult in the setting of a typical roadside stop.

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