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Appeal: State v. S.F., #11-1-06576-2 SEA

Superior Court Rules That Traffic Stop Was Unlawful. A King County Superior Court judge ruled that a Washington State Patrol trooper's traffic stop was unlawful where he observed the client's vehicle cross a fog-line by half a tire-width for two seconds. This observation of driving, without more, did not create legal cause to seize and detain the client. The trial court judge did not commit legal error in dismissing a DUI charge based on this illegal traffic stop..

Practice area(s): Appeals

Court: King County Superior Court

Ryan Robertson

Ryan is a creative and articulate advocate who limits his practice to criminal appeals and post-conviction relief including vacation, expungement, and sealing of records. He has worked exclusively in the criminal defense field since passing the Washington State bar exam in 1998. Ryan has been recognized as a Rising Star lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine.

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Ryan Robertson has a proven track record of creative and effective advocacy for clients throughout the state of Washington seeking petitions to vacate and requesting pardons.

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Ryan Robertson's practice focuses exclusively on high-quality creative post-conviction representation, including expungements, vacation of records, and petitions to seal, as well as petitions for pardons.